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Unclear Feelings On

A German blog asked people about their attitude and feelings concerning life in Wedding. – We think that living in Wedding is like putting a coin into a bubblegum machine – you never know what you get. Possibilities are high to have one of the multicolored little chiclets, maybe just once in a lifetime you might hit the jackpot and be rewarded with a little extrapresent but sometimes the coin will just get stuck and you´ll have nothing at all.
After the annual (???) upfilling and cleaning the machine becomes dirty and sticky again within a blink of the eye and before using it you`ll want to lift the little lid to check if hidden trash might prevent the treasure from popping out. Actually, even as a child sometimes you would not use it if it wasn´t so much cheaper than the shiny sweets at the supermarket cash desk. On the other hand you don´t want the machines to be taken down because you have some really nice memories and nostalgic feelings about it. And oh boy, would you miss that little surprise!


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