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Ugliness Fading Out

“If ugly then properly!” – Funny that “hässlig” (ugly) is not spelled correctly so the request to do things properly seems to nullify itself. Whether this was the ironic intention or whether the writer has simply some problems with German orthography remains uncertain…

We are used to the idea that beauty is not always innate but sometimes demands work and dedication. But what about ugliness? – A number of people think Wedding is ugly and some really hope that it will stay like this. They believe this would prevent other people from moving here and things will remain the same forever, frozen in time – which would mean above all rents that are affordable. And they are right with their worries. Rents have been going considerably up during the last years (we, too, complained about this here). It shows that insisting on ugliness does not help, anyway. Or maybe it just was not done properly?

During an interview an elder lady, owner of a furcoat-shop (!) in Wedding, remembered nostalgically the old days when the Müllerstrasse had been a second Kurfürstendamm with elegantly dressed people promenading around. So it seems that Wedding is not necessarily ugly by birth or by fate but had its ups and downs during history. – There is nothing that can stop the process of change since it should be clear that building a wall is not an option anymore. Like evil cannot exist without good, also ugliness cannot be without beauty.


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