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Ungrounded Fears Over!

Berlin is not Germany´s most dangerous city – actually it comes after Frankfurt a. M., Düsseldorf and Cologne – which, to tell the truth, struck us with surprise.

And although Wedding is not the capital´s most dangerous district we highly appreciate that the new Tatort*-Inspector from Berlin, a lady with a fancy-poetic name (“Nina Rubin”) but otherwise described as “down-to-earth”, will be based in Wedding. You hoodlums, watch out! No-Nonsense-Nina won´t stop working after Feierabend, she will keep her eyes wide open and hopefully will help to reduce crime statistics in our neighborhood.
In fact, we have some suggestions where she could start – there are several hot cases waiting here for her: the dreadful fairytale mass-murder-mystery for example should be top priority!

*Tatort (“crime scene”) is the most popular German TV crime series aired since 1970. Episodes, protagonists and action are always subject of controversial public discussions.


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