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Upcoming Factual Overvaluation

Some days ago a well known Berlin newspaper published a map showing the average rent in different Berlin districts when signing a new contract. You can choose the size of the apartment (one room, two rooms etc) and compare two price categories: with average heating costs (“warm”) included or without (“kalt”). The map also gives the information how much the rent went up for newcomers in the chosen area since 2008. You can see, play (and maybe cry) for yourself by clicking here.

Areas which were already expensive did not go up much – like Unter den Linden or Grunewald. Others however, labelled “really trendy” like Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg or “the new place to be” like Neukölln, went up more than 70%!
Concerning Wedding it was surprising to see that areas which are considered “difficult” like Soldiner Kiez and Nauener Platz went up 50% and more. Also in Rehberge newcomers have to pay averagly 50% plus. Wedding seems to have the 3rd place in popularity due to the fact that until now rents have been relatively low but the area is still centrally located. This confirms what already a lot of people here are worried about: due to this overvaluation life in Wedding will become definitely more expensive. And that´s maybe the reason why someone here has already decided to settle down outdoors where it´s certainly cheaper – at least for the expected warmer season…


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