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Welcome to “UFOs in Wedding”

this is not about aliens in flying saucers. And it´s not about tying the knot, either.
It´s about living in a part of Berlin with a name that is often misunderstood by foreigners: Wedding. The name goes back to a nobleman, Rudolphus de Weddinge, who founded the first little village about 800 years ago. Sorry, no romantic origin here.

Wedding has some kind of a reputation: the Weddingers themselves call it a rough but authentic area, hipster-free for sure, whereas Non-Weddingers might think of streetgangs and people having social issues. It is certainly not on any tourist agenda.
BUT lately quite some articles in the media put the focus on Wedding AND used the bad “G”-word*.  Actually we could boast about one of the most beautiful lakes in the city center and about UNESCO World Heritage architecture – we could, but we won´t.

For those who are into maps – Wedding is in the North-Western part of Berlin, right inside the red dashed boundary here below:

Due to an administrative reorganization in 2001 it has been divided and become officially part of the city-center (Berlin Mitte) which might have changed some things although a lot of people in Wedding think about it still within its old limits (we, too).

Ok then, let´s find out together if there are any UFOs around here, any unspoken fragile obsessions, any unbelievable fantastic options, any unimpressive fishy observations.

Enjoy the trip.

(*) gentrification


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